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Welcome to our Vintage CHAGALL posters Website. We are proud to present to you one of the finest selections of Chagall posters you could find on the world wide web. All posters presented on this site are ORIGINAL. We do not deal in reproductions of any kind. We have been collecting Chagall posters for 20 years, and have accumulated one of the finest private collections known in the world. Only 3 posters are currently missing from our collection (please check our WANTED area). Almost all of our posters are in mint and unused condition. They are shipped rolled in strong tubes via UPS to any destination worldwide.

Page 1 : All original Chagall posters. Are considered as "original" posters, those which have been engraved by Marc Chagall himself. These posters are referenced in Sorlier's book, pages 23 to 63

Pages 2-3 : All posters printed under the direction of Marc Chagall. Most of them have been engraved by Charles Sorlier himself. These posters are referenced in Sorlier's book, pages 71 to 143.

Page 4 : Posters printed after 1975 (date of Sorlier's book)

Page 5 : Posters printed before 1980 but not referenced in Sorlier's book

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Posters of Chagall are proud to present this selection of Chagall posters. We are trying to find and present vintage Chagall posters that are not just the common Chagall posters that you see on all the other poster sites, but Chagall posters that we've selected carefully, that we feel are the quality and level to be associated with our website. We hope you have enjoyed visiting our gallery and if you check back we update with new additions of Chagall poster art on a weekly basis.

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